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Display functions:

1. Satellite icon: After the satellite is found,the GPS light stops flashing and stays on for normal use.

2. Vehicle speed display

3. Compass: N (North) E (East) W (West) S (South)

4. Speed unit: KM/H (kilometers) MPH (miles)


1. Screen 2.6 inch HD display,Small and exquisite.

2. Nano-technologyto eliminate LCD,more clear.

3. Auto power on/off: HUD start and off with vehicle started and shutdown, effective protection of the car battery;retaining the manual switch mode,more easy to control HUD.

4. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode,driving without glare.

5. Plug and play, suitable for all cars.


-Speed,driven distance
-Driving direction
-Automatic light sensitivity
-Mile and kilometer switch,sound alarm switch
-Speeding alarm,fatigue driving reminder


New GPS speedometer

Suitable for all car



Simple function and compact appearance


GPS+Beidou dual-mode chip

Using 10 Hz high refresh rate GPS +Beidou dual-mode chipThe refresh rate is 10 frames per second, and the vehicle speed is refreshed quickly without delay

Professional scheme designa

High-performance processing chip, strong performance and compatibility, dual-running memory and dual-core processor to ensure smooth high-speed operation.


USB power supply 0 power consumption

Using car USB (5V) or cigarette lighter to USB power supply, really zero power consumption.USB or cigarette lighter is a short power, the car is turned off and the power is cut off, there is no the phenomenon of power stealing,and OBD is a long power.


Accurate speed display

Added speed calibration function, adjustable to be consistent with the car dashboard display(GPS vehicle speed is authorized by satellite signal! It is very accurate in nature, no adjustment is required normally)


HUD function

Speed  Driven distance  Driving direction   automatic light sensitivity

Mile and kilometer switch  sound alarm switch  speeding alarm  fatigue driving reminder


Interpretation of small mileage:

The distance from the start point to the end point is the node between ignition and flameout”Display the mileage this time after flameout”


GPS compass

GPS precise positioning / real-time synchronous display data, satellite data collection, not affected by the weather E-East, W-West, S-South, N-North


2 alarm functions Improve driving safety


Suitable for all Car

New energy vehicles     Petrol-electric hybrid vehicles    CompatibleCan be used with USB (5V)    Fuel vehicles   Buses    Trucks


Auto-sensitivity mode

Equipped with photosensitive elements, the brightness of the display is automatically adjusted according to the intensity of external light, so that it is clearly visible under strong light


Automatic switch

Automatically turn on and off as the car starts and stops


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Package included:
1 x Head Up Display
1 x Non-slip Mat
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual

How to Install the HUD Car Computer:

1. Insert the product into the check port on the vehicle OBD computer;

2. Insert the other end of the product into the data interface of the host;

3. After the product is inserted into the host and the car is started, wait for the communication linkage between A202 and the car;

4. After the linkage is successfully established, the host will send a “drop” sound, at the same the display screen displays vehicle protocols and then indicates that it is the first time the product is used to set up parameters. (International universal OBD plug protocol definitions stipulated by SAE).

Common problem:
Q1: Why does it automatically turn off after a period of time?

A1: Its default sleep time is 30s, So when your engine is turned off, it will automatically turn off after 30s .please choose “Sleep Time Set” to set the sleep time.

Q2: Why my car dashboard lights or fault alarm lights are caused to be lit up abnormally?

A2: When used in some cars, car dashboard lights or fault alarm lights are caused to be lit up abnormally, choose”Product inf” -“Matching inf” to see the solution, and use needle-nose pliers to twist off excess pins to eliminate such phenomena.


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